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Please Note:

  1. Be sure to follow the Art Alliance rule which states that a piece of work may be shown only once in any Art Alliance show.
  2. Please take advantage of our exhibitions to display your best work, especially in non-juried shows.
  3. Limit – (3) three entries per theme. Entry fee: Members  $10 for first submission, $5 for 2nd and 3rd. Non-members  $15 for first submission, $10 for 2nd and 3rd.
  4. All work MUST be secure and ready for hanging. Work improperly prepared for hanging will not be judged into any show.
  5. Plexiglass is required of work over 30" x 30" if normally covered with glass.
  6. Sculptors must bring stands with work on receiving day.
  7. Hours: Receiving 1-4 pm and 6-8 pm on Wednesday before opening • Opening 6-8 pm on Saturday • Pick-up 1-4 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.
  8. All receptions are open to the public. Members, guests and friends are welcome.
  9. Gallery hours: 12-4 pm Tuesday through Saturday.
  10. The Art Alliance Board reserves the right to decline any artwork deemed inappropriate.
  11. If you have any questions regarding the shows, please contact a member of the Curatorial Committee:

    Elaine Shor, Co-Curator

    Jill Kerwick, Co-Curator

    Robert Edelhauser

    Kathy Doherty

    Joyce Urbanski

    Barbara Edelhauser

    Nancy Karpf


2023–2024 Exhibition Schedule

Gallery Hours: 12:00–4:00PM, Tuesday through Saturday.
Openings: 6:00–8:00PM on noted Saturdays.

September 2023 CELEBRATING 45 Years (New Work)
Opening 9/9 Non-juried, Members Only
  Window Exhibit - Valentine in Memoriam
  Receiving-9/6, Pickup-10/4
Download Entry Form
October 2023 SEASONS
Opening 10/7 THREE
  Judge: Julia Muench, Members Only
  Window Exhibit - Julia Muench
  Receiving-10/4, Pickup-11/1
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November 2023

29th Annual Jean Townsend Award Exhibition

Opening 11/4 TABLESCAPES (Still Life)
  Judge: Tom Parr, Members Only
Awards: Jean Townsend Award, $100 & two Art Alliance Awards, $50
  Window Exhibit - Tom Parr

Receiving- 11/1, Pickup-11/29
Download Entry Form

December 2023 100 SQUARE INCHES
Opening 12/2 Holiday Gifts - Buy it and take it off the wall
  Non-juried, Members Only

Window Exhibit - Ellen Martin & Kevin Hinkle

  Receiving- 11/29, Pickup - Wednesday 1/3
Up to 5 entries per artist are allowed for this show.
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January 2024
Opening 1/6

Invitational: DUALITY: The Faculty and selected Students
of Monmouth University and Brookdale Community College -
Curated by Jill Kerwick and Kathy Doherty
February 2024 NOCTURNE (When Darkness Falls)
Opening 2/3 YELLOW
  Judge: Donna Payton
  Open to members and non-members
  Window Exhibit - Donna Payton
  Receiving-1/31, Pickup-2/28
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March 2024 GO FIGURE
Opening 3/2 BOTANICALS
  Judge: Joseph Castronova
  Open to members only
  Window Exhibit - Joseph Castronova
  Receiving-2/28, Pickup-4/3
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April 2024
37th Annual Juried Exhibition
Opening 4/6

Judge: Kelly Long
Kelly Long is a curator and writer living and working in New York, New York. Since 2017, she has served as Senior Curatorial Assistant at the Whitney Museum of American Art, where she has managed the Photography Acquisitions Committee and been responsible for the development and instal-lation of exhibitions such as Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium (2017); Rachel Harrison Life Hack (2019); and the forthcoming group show, Trust Me (2023). Previously, she has held curatorial and teaching positions at the Geor ge Eastman Museum and at the University of Rochester, and in 2020 collaborated on the running of Aid for Art Now (AFAN), a mutual aid project by and for art workers. She holds an MA in Visual and Cultural Studies from the University of Rochester, and a BA in Art History from Vassar College. Her writing has appeared in the catalogues for Chiharu Shiota: The Hand Lines and Gail Thacker: Fugitive Moments, and in publications such as InVisible Culture and Mossflower.

• Annual Meeting: Vote for Board Members Pot Luck Refreshments, April 6, 5:30-6:00pm
• Demo: “Crayon Monotype” by Donna Payton


Award, $1,000

  For this show only, all submissions must be made online. Click here to submit your work. Details will be in the prospectus.

Submission Begins: 2/2
Submission Deadline: 3/16
Announcement of Accepted Artists: 3/25
Receiving of Accepted Works: 4/3, 1-4pm & 6-8pm
Pickup Accepted: 4/30-5/4, 12–4pm

Opening 5/4
Curated by Jaime Montana & Nancy Karpf Pat Brentano
  Judge: Pat Brentano, Members Only
  Window Exhibit - Pat Brentano
  Receiving-5/1, Pickup-5/29
Download Entry Form
June 2024 Ebba Osborne Memorial Award Exhibition
Opening 6/1 CREATURES
  Judge: Yana Beylinson

Open to members and non-members, Awards: $100, $50 & $50

  Window Exhibit - Yana Beylinson

Receiving-5/29, Pickup-6/25–6/26
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