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Since our founding in 1978 by Jean Townsend, the Art Alliance of Monmouth County has evolved into a diverse group of over 300 members representing a vast array of artistic disciplines. The Art Alliance was initially located at what is now known as the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank. It was here where members began holding classes, workshops, and mounting member exhibitions. In 1992, the Art Alliance moved to its present location at 33 Monmouth Street.

Today, we are the premier Central New Jersey showcase organization for traditional and nontraditional art, including sculpture, painting, drawing, fiber, photography, collage, and digital art. Our mission is to promote the advancement of the visual arts and provide exhibition, studio, and classroom space to local artists. New members are always welcome and membership by art lovers is also encouraged.

Our Mission
To promote the advancement of the visual arts, and provide exhibition, studio, and classroom space.

Our Goals
To offer stimulating, unique, thought-provoking exhibitions; to provide a social setting for artists and their friends to meet, discuss, and exchange ideas about art.

Our Artistic Philosophy
We believe that art is valuable and necessary to the cultural life of any community; that people need a place to gather and work together; that skillful artists can learn from novices as well as the other way around; that everyone has something valuable to offer; that seeing one's work displayed for public consumption is an empowering experience; that one's greatest capacity is the ability to be creative; that making art is a way of defining who you are.


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