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R D Burton
I am a book artist. My books are designed to unfold and fold, to expand and collapse, to flip and flop, and to open and close. The works I create are more sculptural than traditional books, and in some the concept of “book” is pushed to unusual formats. In the past I added images to my book structures by using collage; I now use a computer and various software programs for that purpose. By using these digital tools, I can place the images so that they are more closely integrated into the book structure. My books tend to use a single image as a starting point. That image could be a photograph I took, or a piece of vintage paper ephemera. From there I add other images either related or in juxtaposition to the initial image. The challenge is to join the images with a book structure that produces a unified artwork. My subject matter is eclectic, ranging from historical themes to very personal visions. Although my work is tied to a long tradition of bookmaking, I enjoy the idea of combining traditional bookmaking techniques with the tools and materials of the twenty-first century.


Crustacea, AccordionBook



Dexterity Flight, Codex Book



Star Walker, Mixed Media



Road Shrine,
Tunnel Book


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